The Different Categories of Cruises

cruise3Cruises have three categories. These are the luxury cruises, premium cruises and mainstream cruises. Each of them have various ship types to be considered. Among the three categories of cruises, the types of cruise ships are small cruise ships, large cruise ships, mega cruise ships, sailing ships, adventure cruise ships, yachts and river cruise boats.

So what differentiates the luxury cruises, premium cruises and mainstream cruises from each other? Each of them gives awesome experiences on water and have a strong dedication in producing amazing experiences to your vacation. Below are some descriptions of the different cruises.

The luxury cruises have itineraries in various destinations and lengths. A significant number of these destinations are not offered by premium or mainstream cruises. These are high-class ships with amazing costs. Most of these cruises accommodate not more than 500 people. It is ideal for individuals searching for a refined ambience, spacious accommodations, small number of passengers and 2 weeks or more on the water.

Premium cruises are less expensive but they are still high-class. Many of these ships accommodate not more than 2000 people. It is ideal for people who are searching for a semi-formal but moderate atmosphere, big accommodations and at least 1 week on the water as well as a dynamic lifestyle. Check out cruise from southampton or read more about cruise deals.

Mainstream Cruises are awesome at an affordable cost. Most are precisely floating cities that have parks, theaters, restaurants, golf course, salons and even a gym for rock climbing. Cruises under this category have something to offer for everybody. They also accommodate the biggest number of people which is 3000. It is ideal for individuals who are after fast paced activities and entertainment, standard accommodations, and a casual and dynamic atmosphere with good service, delicious food, and affordable price

River cruises sail along inland waterways. They are smaller than those that sail through the ocean, and they usually accommodate only around 90-240 people (but there are some that can only accommodate 5 people and a few can accommodate 1000 people). Because they are smaller in size, river cruise boats can sail to where ocean cruise ships are unable to. Rivers are a great place to discover uncommonly seen attractions, and river cruising can be combined with land tours. You can typically see the countryside when you are on a river cruise, so it is ideal for individuals who prefer land close-by. It normally lasts for 1 to 2 weeks. A few of the river ships look like hotels that have a 5-star rating and have dining rooms, lounges, sun decks, gyms, casinos, pools, etc. While the accommodations, meals, special events and entertainment are typically included in the cost, there are some that are not like the expenses for bars, massages, saunas, phone calls and laundry. Continue reading more on this here:



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